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Tayside Pilot Launch

I am delighted to be involved in this pilot. I see the ability of the public to give real time feedback to the police in this way as a real opportunity to improve the quality of local policing. It allows local officers to engage with the public on issues that matter to them. By receiving public feedback (positive and negative) in this very transparent way officers have the opportunity to improve things when we get them wrong and keep doing the things we do well!

We have deliberately limited the pilot sites to 2 small areas to start with so we can test how the system works. I am really hopeful that it will be successful and can be extended so that this two way conversation on policing will be expanded.

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Police Response: Re: Fine And Dandy


Thanks for this feedback which is appreciated.

Say hello to the next officer you see and let them know how you feel. they will appreciate that.

Posted by Gordon Scobbie almost 4 years ago

Police Response: Re: Would You Talk To Your Local Officer In The Street?

I want my officers to be friendly, engaging and approachable to all members of the public. I understand that not everyone feels comfortable with this, perhaps through a less than positive experience in the past with the police, but we are human and enjoy it when people talk to us!! Why not try it the next time you see a police officer??

I also understand why you might want to speak to someone very local when you call the police, but the majority of the calls we receive can be dealt with much more efficiently by our contact centre. If you have experienced any specific problems i would be interested to hear from you.

I'm sure you will also be aware that we are under severe financial pressures like others in the public sector, so we need to handle calls from the public in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.

Thanks for getting in touch and I hope you speak to the next officer you see in the street!

Posted by Gordon Scobbie almost 4 years ago

Police Response: Re: Pc Ross Buchan Does A Great Job!

Thanks for this great feedback. It's great to know we really do make a difference to people through good local policing.

I will pass on your kind comments.

Thanks again for being in touch

Posted by Gordon Scobbie almost 4 years ago

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